Carbon Cup with stand

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Carbon Cup with stand (Accessories for CE Meter)

Tellurium plug on the type T cartridge mixes completely with the molten iron sample, helping the formation of white iron on solidification.
Precise shape of cartridge and accurate positioning of thermocouple junction provide accurate, reproducible cooling curves with defined arrest points.
Special high thermal shock-resistant mould prevents "leaking".
Gate on base of cartridge permits simple visual orientation with plug.
Quartz tube insulates the thermocouple wire.
Accurate Chromel-Alumel thermocouple is calibrated to an accuracy of +/- 1°C at 1200°C (+/-0.01 CE).
Thermocouple wires form electrical contacts on underside of cartidge; sufficient interference between thermocouple wire and plug contacts, together with weight of sample, create shake-proof connection between cartridge and holder contacts.
Guide posts on plug align cartridges for proper electrical polarity; sturdy holder supports cartridge firmly.
Male contacts are made of thermocouple-grade Chromel and Alumel to prevent thermo-electric errors. Pins are easily replaceable to reduce maintenance time.
Plug is moulded from special high temperature material and protected from overflow by cartridge shape.