Flint Pebble

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Grinding Media

Flint Pebble

Application :
Silica pebbles can be used as a grinding medium for ceramics ball mill. It is suitable for all kinds of ceramic raw materials.
Our high silica content flint pebbles are usually used in ceramic or insulator industries as Grinding Media. To mill or grind raw materials like sand, kaolin clay, feldspar and other materials in ball mill. Ball mill is a large container in which raw materials and water are mixed and ground into liquid, which will subsequently be sent to a spray dryer via high pressure pump. It is cylindrical in shape and is made of very thick steel sheet. For an economical milling or grinding, flint pebbles must not contain too much iron. Besides, grinding pebbles should be containing high content of silica and a feature of wear-resisting. Our silica flint pebbles are processed into roude shape which will guarantee you a better efficiency in milling process.

  • Standard Size: 2-4 cm. / 4-6 cm. / 6-8 cm. / 8-10 cm. / 10-12 cm.
  • Our Standard Specification: SiO2: 99.31%, Al2O3: 0.36%, Fe2O3: 0.028%, CaO: 0.09%, MgO: 0.04%
  • Abrasion Rate: 1.35, Specific Weight: 2.6, Apparent Density: 1.6, Porosity: 0.38%
  • Shape: Round (ellipse), Color of Pebble: Gray & White
  • Moh’s Hardness: 8
  • Industry: Ceramic & Insulator
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