Ferro Vanadium

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Ferro Alloys

Ferro Vanadium (FeV)

Application :
Ferro vanadium is the universal strengthener and larcener for high-strength steel, tool steel and is a key component in the production of carbon steel used for infrastructure. When added to crude steel, ferro vanadium creates a product that is light weight and extremely high in tensile strength and wear resistance. low silicon and aluminum in ferro vanadium is used for vacuum melting aerospace application.

Specification :
THEVA product conforms to following chemical composition.

Ferro Vanadium (FeV)

Element%(90% mm.)
V %78% min10 - 50 mm.
Al %1.5% max
C %0.25% maxPacking : 100 kgs/ Steel Drum
P %0.1% max
S %0.1% max
Si %1.5% max
*** Remark : Chemical Composition, Size and Packing can be adjusted by customer requirement