Ferro Manganese High Carbon

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Ferro Manganese High Carbon (HcFeMn)

Application :
Manganese is intentionally present in most grades of steel and is a residual constituent of virtually all others. Aside from its historic importance as a desulfurizer and deoxidizer, manganese is undoubtedly the most prevalent alloying agent in steels, after carbon. Understandably, therefore, ferromanganese is the most widely used ferroalloy.
Of the 15 steelmaking manganese products recognized in ASTM standards, the most important is high carbon (standard) ferromanganese. It is generally sold in two manganese concentrations: 74-76% and 78-82%, with the latter predominating. Carbon content will not exceed 7.5%, silicon will be less than 1.5% and sulfur and phosphorus, 0.03 and 0.3 %, respectively. A low phosphorus variety is available as well.
Manganese addition agents are generally chosen on the basis of carbon content. Inexpensive standard ferromanganese is used when the steel is well oxidized (low in carbon) or when higher residual carbon contents are allowable. As maximum steel carbons become more restricted it is necessary to switch to the more costly low-or medium carbon ferroalloys. The final aim chemistry will determine which addition agents can or cannot be used. Silicon content is often a second deciding factor.

Specification :
THEVA offers the following specifications of HC FeMn

High Carbon Ferro Manganese (HcFeMn 75)

Element%(90% mm.)
Mn %75.00% min10 - 50 mm.
Si %1.20% max
C %7.00% maxPacking  :  In plastic woven bag 1,000 kgs.
and In 25 Kgs. PP Bags
P %0.25% max
S %0.02% max
*** Remark : Chemical Composition, Size and Packing can be adjusted by customer requirement