Ferro Chrome Low Carbon

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Ferro Chrome Low Carbon (LcFeCr)

Application :
Chromium is one of the most versatile and widely used alloying elements in steel. It imparts corrosion and oxidation resistance, is a mild harden ability agent, improves wear resistance and promotes the retention of useful strength levels at elevated temperatures. Chromium is an irreplaceable constituent in all stainless steels; in fact, over 70% of all chromium used in steelmaking is found in the many stainless grades. Next in tonnage consumption of chromium are the constructional alloy steels, most of which contain less than 3% Cr. Tool steels, super alloys and other specialty metals, though often high in chromium content, are produced in smaller quantities and therefore rank lower in over-all chromium application. Chromium is most commonly supplied as ferrochrome.

The principal impurities in ferrochrome are carbon and silicon. As is often the case, carbon level is most important in determining the price differential between the various ferrochrome grades. Low carbon ferrochrome is now added mostly for final chemistry adjustments in the production of stainless steel. Nitrogen-bearing low carbon ferrochrome provides a simple means of making a nitrogen addition to chromium bearing steels, particularly conventionally melted stainless grades. These grades of stainless can also be produced economically with elemental N2 in the AOD.

Specification :
THEVA offers the following specifications of LC FeCr.

Low Carbon Ferro Chrome (LcFeCr)

Element%(90% mm.)
Cr %68.00% min5 - 50 mm.
Si %1.00% max
C %0.06% maxPacking  :  In plastic woven bag 1,000 kgs.
and In 25 Kgs. PP Bags
P %0.03% max
S %0.01% max
*** Remark : Chemical Composition, Size and Packing can be adjusted by customer requirement