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Seedlac is a natural resin that is obtained from the secretions of the tiny lac insect Laccifer Lacca. The insects are cultivated on selected host trees. The insect secretions form a cocoon on the twigs of the trees which are then harvested and brought to our factory as Sticklac. After processing we extract the natural resin known as Seedlac.

Seedlac raw material supplied from our factory to customers is formulated to obtain Shellac, Lac wax and Aleuritic Acid which have multiple uses in a range of industries.

Properties of the Lac Resin

  • Dissolves easily in alcoholic solvents and mild alkalis but is resistant to hydrocarbons and insoluble in water.
  • Films show excellent adhesion to a wide variety of surfaces yielding high gloss, hardness and strength.
  • Electical properties are very good, especially freedom from tracking.
  • Powerful bonding material.
  • Both a thermoplastic as well as a thermosetting resin.
  • Resistant to UV-rays.
  • Colorless, tasteless, non-toxic and non-injurious to health.

  • Industrial Applications

    1.Wood finishing and furniture polishing.
    2.Ingredient in printing ink.
    3.Paint primers for undercoat.
    4.Electrical industry as an insulating varnish and moulded insulator.
    5.Leather finishing and shoe polish.
    6.Pharmaceutical tablet coating.
    7.Confectionary glazes, Fruit and vegetable coating.
    8.Ingredient in Cosmetics and Perfumery.
    9.Paper varnish.
    10.Proofing of hats.
    11.Rubber compounds.
    12.Grinding wheels.
    13.Gasket cement.
    14.Dental plate.
    15.Coating for seeds and special fertilizer.
    16.Cross linking agent for PU, epoxy resins.

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