Inoculant - Ferro Silicon Barium

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Inoculant - Ferro Silicon Barium (High and standard Barium)

Application :
Inoculation is a process of controlling the structure and properties of cast iron by increasing the number of nucleation events during solidification. An inoculant is a material added to the hot metal just prior to casting which provides as suitable phase for nucleation of graphite during subsequent cooling process. The objective of inoculation is to provide enough nucleation sites for the carbon to precipitate as graphite instead of iron carbide(cementite, Fe3C)
Thevaraya supplies inoculants for the production of both ductile iron and cast iron of different grain sizes for use in both on-stream-ladle and post inoculation. Thevaraya has two type of inoculants namely

  • Normal Barium(0.8-1.3%)
  • High Barium(1.8-2.0 %)

  • The inoculants with high Barium have higher fading time and are especially beneficial when pouring time is long. It find its special application in Cast Iron Inoculation

    Specification :
    THEVA offers the following specifications of FeSiBa

    Inoculant - Ferro Silicon Barium (High and standard Barium)

    Composition (%)
    (90% mm.)
    Normal Barium
    High Barium
    70 - 75
    1-4 mm,
    2-6 mm
    0.75 - 1.25
    1 - 2
    0.75 - 1.25
    0.5 - 1.5
    0.75 - 1.25
    2.0 - 2.5
    Packing  :  In 25 Kgs. Paper Bags

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