Ferro Molybdenum

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Ferro Molybdenum (FeMo)

Application :
Molybdenum (often referred to as "moly") has many important uses in alloy and stainless steels, alloy cast irons and super alloys. Molybdenum is a potent hardenability agent and is a constituent of many heat treatable alloy steel.
It retards softening at elevated temperatures and is therefore used in boiler and pressure vessel steels, as well as several grades of high speed and other tool steels. Molybdenum improves the corrosion resistance of stainless steels. In HSLA steels, it produces acicular ferrite structures. Molybdenum is the basis for several of the as-rolled dual phase steels used in automotive applications. While molybdenum may frequently be used interchangeably with chromium and vanadium, in many instances the properties it imparts are unique. As a result, its use has expanded considerably over the past several decades, with demand often outreaching supply.
Molybdenum is supplied as ferromolybdenum. Ferromolybdenum contains a minimum of 60% Mo. Up to 1% each of silicon and copper may be present. Being a relatively expensive and sparingly used alloy addition, ferromolybdenum is packaged in cans or bags to prevent handling losses.

Specification :
THEVA offers the following specifications of FeMo

Ferro Molybdenum (FeMo)

(90% mm.)
Mo %65.00% min10 - 50 mm
Si %2.00% max
C %0.05% maxPacking : 250 kgs/ Steel Drum
P %0.05% max
S %0.10% max
Cu %0.50% max
*** Remark : Chemical Composition, Size and Packing can be adjusted by customer requirement